1 Year Ago I Missed My Friends

Alec Zaffiro
2 min readFeb 18


Journal #7: February 9th, 2022 (11:02am)

Time is moving fast. I got back from North Carolina 4 days ago. Sunday, I spent time with Aja, disc golfed with her brother and Nicole. We got dinner, had a disagreement. Monday, I had a full day. I did all the things that were necessary. Yesterday (Tuesday) I drove to Bowling Green and had a very eventful day with Aja. No fighting. Now I’m at Spencers Coffee in downtown Bowling Green. This place has so many memories, but it’s changed. A lot is not the same. I don’t know many people here. Things moved. People moved. The “history” I have here leaves me feeling remorse. And ostracized. And distant. Oh, that’s life.


I went to college in Bowling Green, a little town in Kentucky full of luscious parks and southern drawl.

I lived there for 7 years. My best and worst memories still live there.

Those years were so formative. 18–25. I wrote this journal entry while visiting my fianceé in that town. I was reflecting on how much had changed; this is a reoccurring theme in my 2022 journal.

To properly explain what happened and what exactly changed, it’d take a lifetime.

To keep it short, I lost the most important group of friends I’d ever made. And it hurt to feel so alone in the place where those relationships started.


It’s not your fault things change. People come and go. There’s ups and downs. Life is ever-moving and we must go with it.

I get stuck on the idea that my life was better before and it’ll never be as good. I question my choices. I regret things I let happen. I worry I’m destined for failure.

Then I remember life is suffering and meaningless outside of God.

And I realize how much room I have for growth.




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