40 Priceless Simplicities I Love (And Hate) About Life

Yeah, this is one of those nomination things.

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Well people, I did it — I’m officially part of Medium’s “in-crowd.” I was recently nominated (yes, formally entered as a candidate) to write a story about 40 things I love. Per yoozh, I will add my own spin and include things I hate. As rapper 50 Cent once poetically pled: “Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wudden’t for pain.”

Special thanks to Rita Alexandra for nominating me. Also, special thanks to Kevin Horton for nominating her. Oh, and special thanks to Nicole Akers for nominating Kevin, who nominated Rita, who nominated me.

Okay, here we go:

  1. I hate these nomination things. I don’t know why, but they kind of annoy me. It’s entirely possible I’m just bitter I haven’t been nominated till now.
  2. I love having a lot of light in my apartment. I open up all the windows first thing every morning. Light really affects my mood.
  3. I hate local news channels. I never listen to their advice.
  4. I love the outdoor brand YETI. I have a 30-ounce tumbler, a 20-ounce tumbler, a 10-ounce lowball, and two YETI t-shirts for no reason whatsoever.
  5. I hate the saying “hold you over.” As in “just eat a snack to hold you over.” It’s seriously the worst thing ever. I don’t know where it came from.
  6. I hate talking on the phone — latency frustrates me.
  7. I love cracking my fingers in every way humanly possible. (Popping the bone below my thumb is my favorite).
  8. I hate when my hair blows in the wind; it’s never sexy or cool.
  9. I love when I, myself, am noticeably impressed by my creations (e.g. writing, music).
  10. I hate when other people, themselves, are not noticeably impressed by my creations.
  11. I love the smell of gasoline and my Mamaw’s dingy basement.
  12. I hate driving in the rain at night. I’m ridden with anxiety about what happens if my windshield wipers stop working.
  13. I love when I open a book to the exact page I need.
  14. I hate when I lose a thought right after I recall it from my memory. There’s a word for this condition actually, but I can’t think of it right now. Sometimes, I’ll retrace my steps to help me remember what it was.
  15. I love making people laugh. I’m a very literal person, so it’s different for me.
  16. I hate DC skate shoes.
  17. I love bananas and have no shame in admitting they are the most enjoyable fruit experience.
  18. I hate being late to parties or events. I’d much rather be early. (Yes I’m signaling I get invited to both parties and events.)
  19. I love hip-hop.
  20. I hate justifying why I love hip-hop.
  21. I love the aesthetic of an untouched jar of peanut butter.
  22. I hate cookie-cutter introductions on the first day of class. Public speaking, in general, is not my forte.
  23. I love to wake up early, drink coffee, and read in the morning.
  24. Obviously I hate losing, but if we were to have a competition about who hates losing more, I would definitely win.
  25. I love stories on Medium between 3 and 5 minutes long.
  26. I hate goodbyes. They often end up being awkward.
  27. I love being Italian. It’s cool to be part of an ethic group that’s basically known for great taste, beautiful art, and the highest quality of product (cars, architecture, fashion). Also, nobody really cares that I’m Italian—which makes me realize life is just one big lottery in terms of birth and we have no control over the world’s preconceived notions of our so-called “people.”
  28. I hate the sensation of erasing a chalkboard. Or rubbing a wet cloth on dry wall.
  29. I love Chapstick. I’ve used it diligently for 12 years now. When I die, I request to be buried with a stick in my left pocket.
  30. I love mozzarella cheese sticks, so much so they’ve earned the lofty title of ‘all-time favorite food.’
  31. I hate feeling like I wear the same articles of clothing too much.
  32. I hate knocking things over in the shower; it pisses me off, it’s always really loud and startling.
  33. I hate how it’s easier to hate than it is to love.
  34. I love cats and they’re benign, aloof personalities.
  35. I hate deciding where to eat or what to watch when I’m with other people. I think I’m overly considerate / critical sometimes.
  36. I love the rush, clarity, and focus of a really great workout.
  37. I hate not knowing if I should say “hi” to someone. I also don’t like feeling strange for half-smiling at people.
  38. I love Andrew Luck.
  39. I hate how tedious this list has become.
  40. I love you.

This is the part where I selfishly plug a bunch of mentions so other people are notified of my story. On a real note though, there are quite a few Members of Medium whom I really admire. I’ll use this as an opportunity to show my appreciation for them:

Trevor Rivet, Larrow, Tom Kuegler, KB, Benjamin Bogle, Nabeel Tahir, Nate Miller, Sarah Lofgren, Steve Klubertanz, Mark Starlin, Agnes Louis, Tiffany Lopez.

Bebe Nicholson, Tom Stevenson, Lisa Martens, Stephen Walker, Corey Simon, Vanessa Torre, Jordan Ebert, Tom Ellison, Amal Bansode.

Also, listed or not, you should feel free to write something similar if this inspires you. Just please make sure to tag me, so I get credit for it.


Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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