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4 min readMay 1
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I didn’t even celebrate April fools this year. Always makes me sad when I don’t play a prank. Or make a joke.

Like come on dude?

I think the best prank we ever played was putting “pop-its” under the toilet seat. You know, the little fireworks you throw at the ground, they snap.

When your friend sits on a toilet seat with 10 of those underneath, it’s absolutely hilarious. You know exactly when it happens. You could be outside in the yard and hear it. Classic.


Similar to March, the first part of April entailed some travel. Aja and I flew from CO to KY for a wedding and Easter.

The older I get, the more I cherish and miss home. This year I helped my Mom in the yard voluntarily. That’s how I know I’m getting old. At one point I got so bored I hopped in a pickup my dad had and just drove around town — my literal old Kentucky home.

So much memory, yet so much change. The further away I get, the more it all means… Nostalgia at work in Independence, Kentucky.


Works continues to takeover the forefront of my existence. It requires more mental energy than the hours might suggest.

I like what I do. I talk to people all day. I believe I have something to say. On good days, it’s fun and energizing. On bad days, it’s utterly demoralizing.

There’s balance though.

Selling is easy once it becomes a game. It’s all inputs and outputs. Energy and effort equal results. It’s that simple.

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I am running out of things to write.
Or it’s harder to focus?
Or I have less time.
All ideas are valid.

“Writing instills order — first for self, then for others.”

Alec Zaffiro

I write to think and organize my ideas. I like psychology, philosophy, and self-improvement—em dashes are my specialty. Not an expert.*