Alec Zaffiro
4 min readNov 7, 2023

This year, I set new intentions on Medium.

2021 was tough. I experienced a lot. I changed a lot. I struggled through obscure doubts about my ability to function and wrote online accordingly.

2022 was better. Despite a full year of growth, adventure, and success, I can count on one hand how many times I published content on Medium.

2023 has been different. I started this year with a 15-point recap:

Recapping is important; it’s useful to recount your past, assess your progress, and cultivate motivation moving forward.

This 2-year-recap did just that.

In January 2023, I announced a self-induced “writing challenge,” where I vouched to share my private journal entries from the previous year.

Remembering the past is one way to enact change in the future.

For the first 7 months, I shared my journal entries, wrote some thoughtful, marketable pieces, and recapped each month. I left off here:

AUG & SEP 2023

Now that we’re up to speed, I can start to make sense of the last 90 days.

I can sum up August and September with one word: WORK.

When you’re young and self-employed, eventually you realize that in order to produce, you have to push everything else aside.

You have to tell yourself “nothing else matters but this.”

This year, I started working for a solar provider in Colorado. I make a living going door-to-door, the physical form of cold-calling, earning commission per sale.

My job is not to “sell people.”

My job is NOT to bully homeowners to buy product, or deceive incompetent people into making a decision on false information.

My job is to present myself authentically.



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