Being Controlled

Alec Zaffiro
2 min readDec 8, 2021

One of my least favorite things is being controlled. But that is all life is. Controlling. Things influencing other things. By force. By nature. Everything is by force, in theory. I thought about gravity the other day. Made no sense. But we all know it and it’s there every time. Being controlled by people and opinions is the worst. I hate feeling controlled by people and opinions. Especially yours. No, I’m kidding. I don’t even know you and you don’t even know me. I’m controlled by my ideas, my thoughts, my beliefs about what is happening, what might happen, and what has already happened. It’s all futile. Being controlled… that’s something else. That’s anti-human. We’re people for crying out loud. We have to think and feel. We have to ascend beyond the confines of our souls. But we only have so much grasp on the limits of our influence. At some point, some extra gets up in there. Some of that control. Happens to me everyday. In the grocery store. I’m controlled by the signs. The prices. The pictures on the cereal boxes. We’ve put so much work into the art that goes on the cereal boxes!!!! Why? For CONTROL. They want you to purchase that box of dry sweets with your coldhardcash then go home, prepare a bowl of milk, dip the cereal in it, then shove it into your face. If that’s not control then I don’t know what is. We are nothing but controlled.

Photo by Agni B on Unsplash
Alec Zaffiro

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