Day 30… Mission Complete

4 weeks ago, I started publishing on Medium everyday. Here’s my journey.

Ah, Day 30 has arrived. I met my goal. Another feather in my cap. I did what I set out to do.


I’ll say, this little challenge packs a punch. Although one post a day may seem like nothing, it accumulates overtime. When you have to create something out of nothing for 30 days straight, you start to face some growing pains.

Here are some major takeaways from my journey.

Write more, care less

When I started blogging about a year ago, I did so with the intention that every post would be a masterpiece. I went above and beyond for everything I wrote. While that sounds nice, I quickly learned it’s not sustainable.

The perfectionist in me suffocated my writing process.

I would spend days, sometimes weeks, working on one post. One stinkin’ post! I was so meticulous and critical to the point where it became exhausting. I would take five steps forward, contemplate, then move back four.

Hard to get anywhere doing that, huh?

So, I’ve learned to be more free-flowing; I’ve learned to expedite my creative process. I understand things are rarely perfect. I’ve become less picky and it’s pushed my productivity through the roof.

Before this challenge, I never started and finished a post in the same day. It’s crazy to realize I’ve written one everyday for the past month!

I still strive to create awesome content, but I’m more efficient with my use of time and energy. I make mini-masterpieces now.

Ideas are everywhere

A huge concern going into this: “What the hell am I going to write about?” Starting a post from scratch each day seemed incredibly daunting.

Before the challenge, I premeditated all my articles. They were deep convictions or big ideas I’d mule over for months. I was not accustomed to this kind of on-the-spot writing, whatsoever.

I learned to write about life and everyday thoughts.

I always thought it was poor public writing to share my intimate feelings. I classified it as “diary-talk” and tried to stay as far away from it as possible.

However, many people enjoy that raw emotion. A lot of readers find comfort in knowing other people share the same questions, concerns, and struggles about life.

I learned this on Day 7 when I published a post about feeling shitty.

It was the most successful up to that point. It was eye-opening to see so many people positively respond to my authentic expression. It showed me it’s okay to write about how I feel.

Writing is supposed to move you — that comes from within.

It was also surprisingly alleviating to spill my woes out on paper. Win-win.

Outside of emotion, life throws us plenty of subject matter on a regular basis. You just have to watch for it.

I learned to twist interesting or peculiar situations I encountered into amusing, engaging stories. That goes for unfortunate situations as well! It’s very easy to turn a bad experience into a moving post.

All in all, I found that life is more picturesque when you keep an eye out for inspiration.

Hit or miss

This challenge definitely showed me that reactions are unpredictable. You never truly know what content is going to do well and what is going to flop. Some people like to think they know when they’ve got something good. “You can just feel it” they say.

Well… sometimes your feelings are just flat out fantasy.

I learned this on Day 19. I had that feeling. I thought this post was going to takeoff and pop! Convinced people would enjoy it, I had high projections.

These expectations were abruptly crushed. The post didn’t do well at all.

That’s when I realized these things are hit or miss. There are no formulas or guarantees to a successful Medium post. I’ve come to accept that readers ultimately decide.

You have to let go of your expectations.


It’s safe to say I’ve taken my writing to a new level over the past 30 days. There’s no doubt in my mind.

I’m more consistent with my output.

This challenge gives you no other option; you have to write every damn day. Whether it’s a holiday, a Sunday, or you’re just not feeling it, WRITE.

This mentality allowed me to form the crucial routines and patterns necessary to publish everyday. Although it wasn’t pretty 24/7, I got through it and I’m better because of it.

No question, the writer in me today would kick the ass of the writer I was a month ago.

What now?

Moving forward, I see myself carrying this routine. I enjoy writing everyday. I like publishing on Medium. It’s seriously a rush!

However, I do think I’ll take more than one day with some of my posts. With more time, I feel I can take the quality of my writing to new heights. Two days seems like a lifetime now. I still intend to write everyday.

I highly recommend this challenge to anyone wanting to boost their performance.

If you’re a novice writer and you commit to this, expect a challenge. It’s difficult, but understand it’s for the better.

I had to adapt my writing style; I had to amend my psychological tendencies. I had to start new habits and push my limits.

I’m a new writer because of it.

It’s worth the effort. I’m glad I took the chance. It’s changed my outlook on writing for good.

- AZ

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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