Do Not Merely Listen…

Alec Zaffiro
2 min readNov 10, 2021


Do what it says.

Do what you say.

Be what you say.

You are your worst when you are passive, anxious, and self-absorbed — worried about your clothes, your face, your demeanor.

Figure out the inputs that exacerbate those errors, address them, then adapt. Focus on the system in place rather than the outcome imagined. Environments change, however habits prevail if integrated properly.

Express exactly what you know and exactly how you feel.

Do it.

Otherwise, degenerate and die.

Become something.

Love and let love intercede where fear propagates. Stop cutting corners. Aim high, be precise, and work diligently. Each day, take the present captive. Take it. Make it yours, center yourself in it, then become more of what they need.

Look in the mirror. But don’t forget.

What you need to find, what you really seek the most, is found where you least want to look. That’s because you are ugly in the face of ultimate good and beauty. Confronting that is arduous. But you know you are no good blind.

Be a person who can see and lead.

First, shatter the “leader” stereotype hoisted inside your mind. That is not you. You are you. Only you can lead how you lead. And you draw and attract energy in perfect proportion to what you effectuate.

So invest in yourself. Bet on you. Count on yourself to be in a position to intake help and guidance. Your neighbors need you in the deepest of ways. Do not let things degenerate because they will if you retreat or act passively.


Life is not all that it could be and you know it.

Create what you are. Do not do what you hate. You are exactly what you allow yourself to be. Make amends with your ancestors. Look up to what you strive to be then pursue original integration within yourself earnestly.

All that is to be valued and had does not come readily available to all — it must be sought resiliently. With a clear conscious.

So slow down, pause thoughtfully.

Then become more.



Alec Zaffiro

I write to think and organize my ideas. I like psychology, philosophy, and self-improvement—em dashes are my specialty. Not an expert.*