everything is quiet. but i feel aggressive.

i got off from a show i look away. i just wanted to be. i hear nothing.

im a slave everyday. i dont change the thing i know i should change.

when i dont use capitals i dont care. it feels very light and neat and passive

letters arent even real. they are signpost. they point to meaning but they are not meaning. if i write the word gum, you do not get gum. i could explain gum i could show you gum i could talk about gum for hours but you will not know it until you chew it. it’s the same for god. or anything. experiencing and being are one. thats not even my idea. nobody owns any ideas.

people dont have ideas, ideas have people.

think about it.

sometimes i read a passage just to see if i can uncover a layer of myself i didnt know existed. i love listening to smart people. its the easiest shortcut in life. but nobody listens. people only occupy 100 years. ideas last longer than people. remember what I said, people don’t have ideas, ideas have people. a dog has flees. the flee doesnt have dogs. its the same.

i never write like this because i think its disorderly and makes no sense but it’s actually how i think.

does that make sense?


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