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  • Martin Vidal

    Martin Vidal

    I put the “me” in Medium. • Author of “The Ambition Handbook: A Guide for Ambitious Persons” • Instagram: @martinvidalofficial

  • Kristina Jancar

    Kristina Jancar

    Fortune 100 Leader. Mama. Storyteller. Poet. Yoga Teacher. I feel my feelings—and I write about: Life | Self | Growth | Mindfulness | Relationships | Family ✨

  • Kyle Chastain

    Kyle Chastain

    Say “Yes” to life • Husband and dad 2x • I only share advice I’ve lived • Say hello: kyle@kylechastain.com

  • Anndrya R

    Anndrya R

    English Major and Library School grad. I’m interested in books, research, and being a better human.

  • Cynthia Marinakos

    Cynthia Marinakos

    Aussie Copywriter. I love rock climbing high ceilings and hiking amongst ferns.

  • Daniel G. Clark

    Daniel G. Clark

    Reader, writer, linguist, poet ~ Editor of Briefly Write: https://brieflywrite.com/

  • Nathan Patrick Brown

    Nathan Patrick Brown

    Peace enthusiast, musical theatre junkie, globetrotter, and chihuahua dad from Wollongong, Australia. Host of Breaking Down Bad Books podcast. He/him.

  • Wolfie Bain

    Wolfie Bain

    Artist & Writer thewolfiebain@gmail.com

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