I’m Deleting Social Media… Again

Alec Zaffiro
5 min readJan 8, 2019

I, of all people, should not have this problem. I wrote “How To Go On A Social Media Hiatus” and went into full-blown detail as to why life is better under such circumstances. You’d think someone with a clear understanding of the subject, like myself, would be elusive and adverse to the misuses of social media. Most people generally agree if a person is informed, competent, and can see the bigger picture, they’ll make choices that best serve their interest and well being.

…Welp, here I am.

I’m back to the same exact feelings I had two years ago:

Fixated. Powerless. Distracted and not in control…

My initial trial in giving up social media felt like a lifestyle choice. I wanted to change my behavior and self-perception; social media content was directly getting in the way of that. Right around the same time though, I started writing and blogging. Obviously, this made me more inclined to use social networks to help facilitate and enable my writing. In turn, I painted social media in a more opportunistic light.

Although somewhat hypocritical, I dropped the whole “hiatus” thing and let social media run its course. It took some time to rear it’s ugly again, but eventually it did—this time for more destructive reasons.

Take Social Media For What It Is: Addictive

The addictive lure of Internet use is of discernible, growing concern. You don’t have to look far to find an article addressing it (after all, you’re reading one right now). But awareness, or realization, that people are using social media more and more is not the issue. In fact, this is relatively useless in regards to a healthy connection with the online world. I’m indisputable, living proof that “awareness” pales in comparison to biological, psychological, and social factors.

The real problem lies in social media’s representation — an endless stream of dopamine, preoccupation, and comfort — not necessarily its visible content.

By their very nature, sites like Facebook and Twitter engage part of the brain responsible for social interaction. Over…



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