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This is a reminder, I write these recaps for myself.

I’m completely oblivious to you, the reader.

However, I know you exist. (More on this at the end.)


July was the 1st month I didn’t travel or host company in 2023.

This “break” allowed me to work more hours consistently. And it paid off.

I hit a stride in my production at work. I was the top sales performer in our office, outside of management, in July.

I could not do this alone. I have a lot of support and leadership around me. I’m grateful for the team I’ve found here in Colorado Springs.


In July I didn’t write! I was focused on work. ^

This is the problem — or one of the problems.

We have only so much energy, only so many hours in the day. Creating priorities, by definition, excludes dozens of other options.

I decided to make work a priority. Why? Work provides money, keeps me sane, and affords the luxuries I’m accustomed to.

Why didn’t I write? That’s obvious.

Writing online is challenging, takes up mental space/time, and requires unnecessary energy. It doesn’t pay the bills.

I mean, how many people do you know who write for “fun?”

I write because it helps me think and organize the world. But writing is not the only way to organize the world.

There are skills you can learn that organize the world for you. AND earn you money at the same time. Writing rarely accomplishes the latter.


I’m still reading 1 book every month this year.

I don’t know why this isn’t more popularized? Reading a book every month. Maybe it is, I just don’t know about it.

It’s pretty easy to read a book in 30 days; it’s like 8 pages a day.

I like having a physical book in hand. Audio books don’t count. In one ear, out the other. Listening and reading are not the same. At all.

If you think they’re equivalent, you don’t understand you’re own nature.

Alec Zaffiro

I write to think and organize my ideas. I like psychology, philosophy, and self-improvement—em dashes are my specialty. Not an expert.*