Matter fact, I’ll digress to a real response. I think this will be fun.

First, I meant negative in regards to interaction, not content. You’re the first bad comment I’ve read criticizing my work. If you didn’t like the ‘challenge’ concept, I don’t understand why read a whole article on it. But the comment is totally fine, I’m open to discussion.

Second: If you want to run a marathon would you wake up and say “Today I’m running a marathon. I’m just gonna do it.” Maybe that’s what you’d do (you probably won’t finish). Me, I’m going to prepare and get in a routine that enables me to run a marathon in the future.

The point of this challenge is to form good habits. Sorry you find it highly uninspirational.

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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