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3 min readJun 2
27th bday at Eleven Mile State Park, Colorado

May came and went. I turned 27 this month. I feel different. I am different.


I’ve kept up my habit of reading, which I’m happy about.

I finished my 5th book of 2023, Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday.

It was ok. In the Afterword, Holiday writes how the book was particularly difficult for him to write, that the words did not come natural, and that he had to fight to get through it.

I could sense that as I read.

I picked up his book because I wanted to learn about Stoicism. Later this year, I plan to read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Might as well get it from the source.


I stayed consistent with my fitness, which, again, I’m happy about.

I logged 15 weight training sessions in May.

I’m nearing the end of my training cycle, so I’ve been lifting very heavy close to my max. My last workout, I benched 285 for 3 sets of 2.

I’ll re-max within a week or two — hopefully the results reflect the level of work I’ve been putting in. Here are my strength goals:

Bench: 315lbs
Squat: 370lbs
Deadlift: 400lbs
EZ Curl: 120lbs
Lat Pull: 240lbs


I’ve felt renewed when it comes to music. My love for production and mixing is coming alive again and I’m getting close to releasing new music.

In February, I read Rick Rubin’s book on creativity and I think it subconsciously inspired me to get back into music-making-mode.

Music comes in waves, it really cannot be forced.

I’ve reduced the internal pressure to make something “spectacular.” I’ve gotten comfortable with the simple act of experimenting and following what appeals naturally to my ear with the sounds and tools at my disposal.

Even so, I’ve invested in some new gear and software which has helped re-boost my passion for production.

I have a new project coming very soon. :D

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