Medium Vs. WordPress

A showdown of blogging forces.

Alec Zaffiro
3 min readNov 29, 2017


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I have a WordPress blog. I use Medium every day. How do the two match up?

What’s what

If you don’t know, WordPress is a full content management system. It’s the most common blogging platform out there and considered the industry standard for websites.

Since you’re reading this, I assume you understand Medium. If not, go here.

The solo writer

Let’s get hypothetical. Our friend, Dan, wants to start writing.

Dan is a simple man. He intends to write for himself in his leisure. He’s not affiliated with a group or company. He’s not looking for techie website features. Dan just wants to write and share it with the world.

What should he do? Medium or WordPress?

Easy pick.


Dan should choose Medium.

Then why do you have WordPress blog?

In short, I started azappknow (my blog) with intentions and motivations different from our friend Dan, here. That’s another story for another day.

For someone like Dan, Medium is the way to start. Let me tell you why.

1. Simplicity

Compared to WordPress, Medium is bare and straightforward. Working and navigating this platform is both intuitive and refreshing. Medium’s functionality combined with it’s UX is something special.

On the other hand, WordPress is kind of bulky. It’s not polished and minimalist like Medium — which makes sense! WordPress offers a lot more. It’s robust and requires some time to learn the different functions. It’s an advanced system for serious content creators.

Dan is simple though, remember? Medium it is. By doing so, he’ll hit the ground running with all the tools necessary.

2. Community

When I started my WordPress blog, it felt like I was stranded out in the middle of the ocean. I was at the wheel of a complex, rugged ship wandering the waters by myself.

Sticking with this analogy, Medium is more like an upbeat jetski club. It feels as if you’re part of a community.

The tribe aspect is good for a few things. For one, it’s an effective way to learn. Reading other stories is a great way to grasp key strategies and techniques in writing. Also, other Members are willing to answer questions and give advice for those in need.

Working alongside others is exciting, encouraging, and insightful.

But wait, there’s more!

Medium makes it easy to share content with people who actually want to read. Medium gathers readers all in one spot.

With WordPress, the readership responsibility falls on you. You’re the one that has to bring people to your work. You’re the one that has to reel people in. This usually means slapping your website link all over the place, hoping someone finds you.

On Medium, you’ve already got a hungry collective ready to devour your content.

3. Money / Time Value

If you want your own domain name, hosting service, and all the bells and whistles, you’re gonna fork out some $$$ for a WordPress blog.

Moreover, you’ll need a PC to download and install WordPress. You’ll have a bunch of files to keep track of, too.

Over here, you can start on Medium for free. Download it from the App Store and get going in 5 minutes.

As far as making money, I’m confident Medium is the better option as well. With the new Partner Program, bringing in profit actually seems possible. With a standard blog, it will take years till advertising or affiliate deals become revenue options. It’s a real challenge to gain traction.

We have a winner

No brainer for Dan, right?

I say all this to make a point to new writers. I wish I had doubled down on Medium a long time ago. I only discovered this platform through the creation of my WordPress blog. I suppose we take the long route sometimes?

The possibility for growth is enormous and engaging on Medium. It’s a constructive place for new comers to take their first step. I highly recommend Medium to anyone interested in blogging.

- AZ



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