“My Life Be Like…”

Everything happening around me summed up in about four minutes.

Life is moving faster than ever. So much has changed, will change, (or is changing) around me. I’m at the pinnacle of my academic career; I graduate college in a month. I turn 23 soon. Oddly enough, life is blossoming in an unexpected, but almost beautiful, kind of way.


This past weekend I launched an idea in the form of an online course; it’s my first real entrepreneurial endeavor ever. Basically, it’s an information product that teaches people how to produce music without complex software, expensive equipment, or any experience in music. The fact I can even say “I make music” still blows my mind. I seriously believe EVERYONE deserves to understand sound on a deeper level. It’s comparable to cooking or public transportation — everyone should know how it works and be able to use it to their advantage.

Anyway, I’m really proud of my first digital product ; it’s important I’m able to say that. Entrepreneurship is all about creating value for a market. It’s not about money. If you aren’t confident in your product’s worth, then the price you’re asking isn’t justified. It’s so hard (and annoying) to sell something you don’t really believe in.

“I know the course I’ve created will 100% meet, and possibly even exceed, all my students’ expectations of value.”

Making money is a weird thing and a lot of people take shortcuts or shady routes to get there. I never want to feel like a scam or fraud (obviously?) That’s why I put in six months of work to build the course; thats why I really spent two years learning the software. The fact I found a way to offer real value in exchange for profit is so dope.


For the first time ever, I’m pursuing a serious relationship with God. I never grew up in church, so I’m still unsure what it all really means — but I know it’s powerful. “Faith” is a really intriguing concept to me. It’s so amazing I’m at this age and I’m able to explore religion on my own, completely free of predetermined notions. I’m seeking God naturally; I’m not doing it for anyone else.


Here’s a list of things that change: lightbulbs, seasons, mindsets, car tires, relationships — all these change, relationships being the most difficult to accept. Life is really a continuous battle of gains and losses. We gain and lose people just like everything else, despite our deep feelings of love, admiration, and care. When someone leaves, you have to remain open; you can’t shut the whole world out. That makes you bitter and resentful, which is not good. When relationships change around you, all you can really do is just be yourself.


I remember moving out for college in 2014. At that time, I had Graduation by Kanye on repeat. I remember waking up in my dorm to “Good Morning” and just feeling like I could be anything I imagined. The fact I’m graduating college is bittersweet. I’m not gonna lie, I love college and the variety, the newness of environment, the constant push for self-improvement. College has really been all about growth and becoming smarter, better, faster, stronger. I love it. And I will miss it.


Health-wise, I’m hitting a stride. My body is the strongest it’s ever been, I really can’t describe how good I feel. I’ve dipped into some crazy, weird spiritual stuff lately and I have absolutely no shame ‘bout it. The mind and body is so powerful, most don’t realize how important it is to take care of both. Every day I wake up and breathe . I’ve been mediating in the mornings — I studied Wim Hof’s breathing techniques. I’ve gone to yoga every week this past month, which is a new way to push my mental and physical capabilites. The mind is truly in a state of chaos 24/7; it’s constantly working, wondering, and worrying. So nice to calm the noise every once and a while.


Next week, I’ll be working three jobs while also finishing up my last 15 hours of school. Oh, not to mention the several extracurricular projects / group I’m working on as well. I really am about to enter a completely new chapter. All my life, my only job has been to be a student and learn about the world and how shit works. Now? Now it’s time to go out and do and make things happen in the “real” world. Intimidating, but exciting, stuff.


I’m grateful to have made connections this year with people who share the same interests, passions, and drive as me. For the longest time, I struggled to find people who wanted what I wanted out of life. I spent a lot of time alone, or with a select few, because I wasn’t willing to neglect what I cared about. It’s a beautiful thing to make friends with those who have the same aspirations and vision.


Kind of a side note here, but for the first time ever, I’ll be flying in a giant hunk of metal 30,000 feet through the sky. I’m going to Kansas City for a business competition in May. Not really sure how I feel about the whole flying part.


And lastly, there’s reading and writing. Unfortunately, it’s been a challenge to write on Medium what with all going on lately. Recently, I’ve taken to reading more because it’s easier on me honestly. A lot of times, I’m exhausted and don’t have the extra energy to put my brain to more “recreational” writing work. So I read. I just finished Supermarket by Bobby Hall and I’m working on Think and Grow Rich now, which is apparently a “classic.”

There’s so much I want to accomplish. I have so many ideas and messages I want to bring to life! Hopefully I’ll be able to share more of them with you soon.

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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