Nothing I write makes sense!!!

Yo I just realized nothing I write makes sense??? Like what have I been talking about? It’s really hard to think intuitively and write. It’s very easy to overthink. This is where I run into trouble. Its easy to trip over the same thought and end up saying nothing.

I’m very explanatory. I am very specific and tactful and intentional when I do. I need to give you information. Sometimes the thoughts are pouring out so much I think other people can see them. Other times i know they can’t. I don’t know what I’ve been writing about all this time.

New time creates new patterns. There are new modes to thinking and money is a quick way to mess it up. It introduces the opportunity to masquerade value. With paper dollars, a fugazi fugahzi, a digital number on a spreadsheet. How do we keep track of money?? And time??? Like how have we not lost time yet? Not once? Like the worldwide clock never needs maintenance?

Who knows. I don’t!

Nothing I write makes sense.

I really don’t know what I’m talking about. Like I have no idea what’s going on. Sometimes I freak out when I realize there are over 8 billion beings playing the same game I’m playing. A simulation. We all experience here and now together. Life goes. New comes. We all call it time. And we wear it. We wear time. It’s called “fashion.” My car tells time. My microwave tells time.


I promise, nothing I say here makes any sense.