“1 Year Ago” New Writing Challenge Explained

Why I’m starting this series and how you’re involved.

Alec Zaffiro


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How it works

This is a new series I’m starting for the duration of 2023.

The concept is simple: I’m going back to share, analyze, and critique the most authentic personal narrative known to man… his own journal.

Every week, I plan to share real, raw, unedited journal entries I wrote over the course of 2022. Let me explain why.

Why I’m starting this series

I have a relentless belief that this year matters.

Maybe it’s because I moved across the country a few months ago.

Maybe it’s because I made a lifelong commitment to another human being at the start of last year.

Maybe it’s because I’m 26, turning 27 this year, and I finally feel both feet planted firmly in adulthood.

For whatever reason, I’m uniquely optimistic about 2023. I feel like this every New Year, but this year is different. Seriously.

This year matters.

Why? Because I have a vision.

I’ve been envisioning the next 12 months — what I want them to look like, what I want them to mean, what fruits I want them to bear.

To spark that vision, I need to be real with myself. And I need to pay close attention to where I struggled in 2022. I need to remember the faults that plagued me last year in order to bring about tangible change this year.

My hope is that out of this vulnerability a more truthful future will emerge.

That’s why I’m beginning this series: “1 Year Ago Today.”

How you’re involved

I need you to hear what I’m saying. You’re what makes this series, this “challenge,” a cathartic process.

Cathartic: providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions.

The journal entries I plan to post are real, raw, and unedited. When I wrote them, I didn’t know I’d be posting them online. They’re transcribed directly from my brain, which should terrify us both.

My dream is for positive self-transformation to take place in 2023.

Obviously I want you to be a part of that and if I can inspire others to participate, that would exceed my expectations entirely.

See you for the first entry!



Below, I’ve tagged some writers/friends I’ve been reading from on Medium. I appreciate any feedback or ideas to improve this series. Thank you in advance.

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