Post Malone’s “beerbongs & bentleys”

Let’s surf some tracks and dig into the album.

Generously edited for Medium.

To say the least, Post Malone blurs the lines between genres — unique would be an understatement.

Now we have this, beerbongs & bentleys; an hour-long, 18 part lineup with multiple star-studded singles. There’s plenty of room for Post Malone to show off his multifarious flair.

1) Paranoid

As an introduction, “Paranoid” deserves an A+

It’s one of the rare areas where it’s okay to sound straight up crazy and weird and sometimes insane.

In this case, Post is dealing with the misfortune of being overly fortunate.

2) Spoil My Night (feat. Swae Lee)

Unfortunately, Swae Lee adds little to no value in the song for me. I think he says “I’ve never been like a small fry?” His verse is weak and corny. Aside from that, I really like the melody; it stands out and has a summer flavor to it.

3) Rich & Sad

Another example of “money can’t buy happiness” … or the person you truly want to be with.

4) Zack and Codeine

A play on “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” It’s an uptempo track about partying and crashing hotel lobbies. Pretty cut and dry stuff. I do like these lines:

5) Takin’ Shots

Party joint. You know what’s going on here. For me, the highlight is when he goes “Grrrrrrah!”

7, 9) Over Now / Better Now

Both of these songs incorporate hints of traditional instrumentation (i.e. mental guitar riffs, acoustic drum patterns, roots rock). It’s cool, it’s not something a lot of hip-hop artists can pull off in 2018. Post can and these tracks still manage to appeal to contemporary hip-hop / trap vibes.

12) Stay

Track 12 demonstrates why Posty is such a special artist. It’s a slow, soft implementation of singing and acoustic strums. I’d say the air is similar to “Go Flex” from Stoney, but more minimalist.

“Stay” is beautifully focused on lyrics, guitar layers, and articulate progression.

13) Blame It On Me

The longest song of the album at 4 minutes and 21 seconds. Song length is very consistent across beerbongs & bentleys; everything seems to sit right at about three and a half minutes.

16) 92 Explorer

The easiest way to explain this song? Fyyye — the beat hits you smack in the face! Post is going all in with the triplet flow, grungey high-notes, and insanely catchy hook.

18) Sugar Wraith

The last track on the album. It couples perfectly with the previous single, “Candy Paint.” Both are loopy and have pop-ish energy. To be honest, I think the chorus sorta sounds like “Whatever You Like” by T.I.

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