This Travis Scott “AI” Album is WAY Better Than UTOPIA

Alec Zaffiro
4 min readJan 13, 2024
Travis Scott, music, AI
courtesy Unsplash

First things first, let me point you directly to the topic of discussion: 4TH DIMENSION is available on Youtube here. Shout out to “Moving in Silence” for this banger of an album. (I have no affiliation to this group.)

Anyways, about a month ago this strange project caught my eye. While perusing YouTube before a long drive home, I stumbled upon a brand new Travis Scott album. Confused, I hit the link right away.

Enter 16 brand new “TravisScottAI” tracks. After blasting the first track “DIFFERENT” in my Honda Accord, I thought to myself:

Travis just released UTOPIA in July…
Why is he releasing another album so soon?
With out any roll-out or marketing??

I literally could not tell the songs were created with the help of AI.



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