Where All My Great Ideas Come From

3 places I discover the best ideas.

Did you notice how I threw the word “great” into the headline up there?

Yeah, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Everyone thinks their ideas are great… until they actually tell someone about ‘em.

How ironic— in our heads, we’re all a bunch of creative Einsteins roaming around. But when it comes to actually “walkin’ the walk,” we’re a little less assuming and a bit more yielding. Ideas are funny… and man, I love ‘em.


I wholeheartedly believe environment has everything to do with great ideas — I’ve caught on to the pattern. I know where the things are gonna come, I just don’t know what’s coming.

Here are the top 3 places where I tend to think of the best shit.

1.) Bathroom. Like I said, the best shit (LOL). Seriously though… the shower is a mystical apparatus. I come up all kinds of marvelous / unorthodox ideas for drawings, storylines, and marketing schemes while in the shower.

“Damn, I need to remember this when I get out!”

I find myself saying this all the time.

It’s a pretty simple formula, really:

Water + Shampoo + Naked = Peak Enlightenment

Who would’ve thought? I’m confident at least a hundred of the world’s greatest inventions / solutions were products of a hot, steamy shower.

Yes, no?

2.) Gym. The gym is a special place— all around, it acts as both a mental and physical rejuvenation. Catch me after a bomb workout and you’ll catch me cooking up some stuff.

Honestly, I write a lot of my Medium stuff on the treadmill (doing it now, actually). I don’t know what it is, but my brain just seems to pulsate with ridiculously sharp streams after a good weight sesh.

Maybe it’s the pre-workout? Or maybe a spike in testosterone? Who knows. I’ve just come to expect a rock-solid writing mentality after a good sweat.

3.) In bed. No, not the kind of “in bed” you’re thinking of (I’m not that good at multitasking). I’m talking about laying down, right before you fall asleep. You know, darkness.. silence… it usually plays out like this:

  • Lay down
  • Set alarm
  • Charge up
  • Phone down
  • Lay there and proceed to think of grand, wonderful scenarios until something pops in my head that literally forces me to grab phone and jot down note.

It’s like the ideas were there marinating in my head all day long; just waiting for the most inopportune time to surface.

But maybe it’s something else. What if when we take the time to wind down, we give our brains a chance to get out the good stuff? It’s like we lay there (ready to give away our consciousness) and suddenly, we allow our most important thoughts to emerge from the background.

There’s gotta be some sort of science to back this up.. right?

Common theme

Did you find a commonality amongst my 3 places? Go ‘head, try to find it before I tell you. (Psh, you didn’t even try) Okay, I’ll just tell you.

I’m alone when my best ideas happen.

Alone. Aloooone, I say.

When we’re alone, I think we let our minds drift to where they need to be. Too often, I find myself getting caught up in other things when I’m out and about. I can’t focus. Whether it’s a TV in the background, someone griping, or whatever else, these things negate all the “profound” ideas from coming out.

Setting aside more time for you might be a better answer to more vivid intuitions and clearer visualizations.


In my opinion, ideas are better out than in, I always say; a lot more potential outside of our brains. What good are ideas anyway, if we confine them from others?

I’ll tell ya, they’re worthless!

So, keep sharing your ideas with the world. It’s the best way to build them.

- AZ

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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