Why Cover Brands?

Cover Brands is a Medium publication started in April of 2018.

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Join a party of communicators ready to move ideas forward on life, design, humor, and branding.

How many brands start everyday?

Trick question. It’s empirically impossible to find a numerical solution to this question. It’s like asking “how many thoughts are in the world?”

The answer to both: a f*ck ton.

What is a brand?

Let’s toss aside all those fancy book definitions. Of course we know what a brand is: Apple, Nike, Disney, Coco-Cola — these are all brands.

The question is what can a brand be?

In simplest terms, a brand can be any person, place, or thing with an identifiable message and purpose.

A brand can be that productivity-guy you read from on Medium everyday. A brand can be the smell you sense upon walking into a book store. A brand can be that logo you slapped on the side of your dresser.

The point is brands are everyone, everywhere, and everything you can imagine — they’re popping up all around the world, all around the clock!

Cover Brands’ Platform

Cover Brands ultimate goal is to showcase how people can live a smarter, happier, healthier life based around design, branding, and unique lessons.

You can expect an array of takeaways from all kinds of characters and experiences ranging from quirky stories to insightful marketing strategies.

Have a look at some of CB’s writing prompts.

With an endless amount of explorations, passions, and perspectives, it’s essential to share thoughts and opinions on what makes a great life design.

Now would be a great time to follow the publication and tell a friend about us! Want to become a “founding” contributor at Cover Brands? Easy. You can fill out this form or simply respond to this article saying “I want to be a writer.”

- AZ

Bored, uneducated, homeless — em dashes are my specialty. I write what I see, think, and feel. That’s it.

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