Why does no one talk about extroversion like introversion?

I never actually hear anyone say “I’m extroverted” out loud… But I hear people talk about introversion all the time. Funny how it’s backward like that, but it actually makes perfect sense (to me).

First off, extroversion and introversion might not even be real things. I mean, they definitely mean something, but do we truly know what makes what? To my understanding, extroverts are social, energetic, and outspoken, while introverts are reserved, smart, and mindful. I believe we all naturally fall into one side or the other — of course, circumstances change behavior, but we all coincide with an overall internal vs. external social approach.

Extroversion is the default in American society, so there really isn’t a need to address it. However, it helps introverts to talk about how they think and feel with others .

That’s why we hear about it more often.

Which do you hear about more? Are you extroverted or intorverted?

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